Release of Support Hours

As a webdeveloper I work with a lot of customers. Many projects still need some maintenance from time to time. An extra function, a change to the color scheme or some optimization based on the things I learn from new projects. Customers can buy pre-paid hours for these small changes to the website so they don’t have to pay the invoices every time. The problem was that I had to inform a customer from time to time how many hours they had left. This brought my of the idea of searching for a small plugin that could easily display the amount of hours left of the pre-paid hours. Just a small widget would’ve been enough. After a long time browsing the wordpress plugin site I came to the conclusion that I or suck in searching or this plugin wasn’t made. Yet.

Example of the Support hours dashboard widget

With zero knowledge of creating WordPress plugins I started a tutorial. After some trial and error I fixed the backend code, made some fields, Sanitized them and started working on the Dashboard widget. By  combining a lot of code I started to get the widget to work and I only had to animate it. Done! As you can see I added quite some CSS code to fix some glitches that occur in some browsers.

At first I wanted to keep it just for myself. But hey, WordPress is about sharing and so I decided to publish Support Hours it on the official WordPress website. Open to download for everyone! I also created a github repo where I will maintain the Support Hours plugin. I hope that some people who find this useful are willing to help me to improve this plugin. So if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!


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