Hi there!

Welcome on my brand new portfolio & blog website. My old website has been online for exactly one year. At the time, I was very proud with the result.

My previous website dating from mid 2015

But the trends on the web come and go fast and there is so much to learn. I decided that it was time to make my next steps in development. I dived into SASS, GULP, Full-Stack development and whatnot. About that whole transition there is another blogpost coming up soon. To apply al this new knowledge I decided to create this new website.

The reason to implement a blog on my website is that I want to share my adventures about this whole new way of development. I might even put up some sort of tutorials in the future. I also tend to write about projects and some other stuff that interests me.

For now, I am very happy with my new website and I am looking forward to your reactions.
Do you got some feedback or just want to say hi, hit me up below!

Until next time,



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